Channing Hansen, 42, 2014

 Channing Hansen was born in 1972 in Los Angeles. He is an artist who moves through multiple mediums, is interested in the history of science and technology and uses his art to explore the field. 


Channing Hansen, Dangling Modifier, 2011

 In his ongoing series, Quantum Paintings, Hansen creates paintings by stretching hand-knitted constructions on wooden frames. He "paints", or knits, elaborate patterns and often allows the yarn to "drip" off the canvas like wet paint. He dyes and spins the wool himself, and though the work can sometimes appear random and improvised, he actually pre-determines the appearance of each piece by using a mathematical algorithm. Hansen has said that he uses the algorithm to take his subjectivity out of the equation. 


Channing Hansen, Polytope Soap, 2013

 Hansen tends to leaves the frame at least partly visible through the stitches, suggesting a physical continuum in which a painting exists through several dimensions. Hansen is interested in exploring this concept, as it is something that is present in mathematics, physics and art. In being so meticulous in the pieces' creation, Hansen demonstrates that art is present in both form and content. 

 Hansen's work was most recently included in the Hammer Museum's show Made in LA, the museum's second biennial featuring emerging LA artists, as well as at the LA Contemporary Art Show at the Barker Hanger. Hansen was educated at the San Francisco Art Institute and is currently working at the Mountain School of Art where he teaches a science class to artists.