Jose Parla, Tomando Cafe con El Abakua, 2015
acrylic, plaster, enamel and ink on canvas
September 12 - October 31
Jose Parla's exhibit, Surface Body / Action Space, is his third solo show with Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery in New York. Arguably one of the most innovative painters of his generation, Parla always produces work that is unique. His paintings and sculptures are exuberant and full of texture and performance, as they depict political connections and metaphors. In a statement on the show, Parla says: "The title and concept of Surface Body / Action Space serves as a metaphor for the language of my new paintings and sculptures. The works negotiate two, sometimes four, modes of thinking, linking artistic process to philosophy...I explore the crossroads of life between Cuba and the United States. In the works designated as Surface Body, I contemplate wall structures, cities and the States as being political borders, whereas Action Space employs a fast calligraphic mark, in juxtaposition with vast spaces of color significantly symbolizing personal freedom. The static contrasts in the works cause compositional interruptions, depicting blurred political lines, while illustrating a focus on the tension between maximal and minimal approaches in abstract painting. For me, Abstraction is boundless and is one of the greatest tools to interpret the human condition." 
Agnes Martin, Friendship, 1963, incised gold leaf and gesso on cnavas
Through October 11
In the first retrospective of Agnes Martin's paintings since 1994, this show at the Tate Modern in London covers the full breadth of her work, including little-known experiments that trace her development from abstraction to her grid and striped canvases. Though her work is restrained in appearance, there is an undercurrent of passion for the power of art, as she believed that spiritual inspiration and not intellect, created great work. 
Ofri Cnaani, Blue Print (OC real and fake hands) #1, 2015, Ctype
September 17 - October 24
Wrong Tools will include a participatory performance piece as well as a new series of Ofri Cnaani's cyanotypes. In her fourth exhibition with Andrea Meislin Gallery in New York, Cnaani will transform the gallery space into a temporary office to create a participatory lab for images, where, throughout the duration of the show, she will engage with gallery visitors in one-on-one sessions, providing them with visual "readings," a one-of-a-kind custom-made image map. Cnaani's performance combines items from the visitor's personal belongings together with objects culled from the artist's collection of found materials to enact the live creation of a personalized image using a photocopy machine and a surveillance camera. The print will be signed by the artist and given to the participant as a unique work of art, or an "original copy." A continuous projection on the gallery's façade will display the real-time process of assembling the objects, thus creating a digital reproduction of an image with no coherent source.
Performance Hours:  Wednesdays & Thursdays: 11am - 2pmand Saturdays: 1pm - 5pm

Mike Kelley, City 17, 2011
Tinted urethane resin on illuminated base
September 10 - October 24
Hauser & Wirth's first exhibition by Mike Kelley features the artist's last major series comprising sculpture, video, and installation inspired by the fictional city of Kandor, the capital city of Superman's home planet Krypton. 

  Billy Childish, birch wood, 2015, oil and charcoal on linen
September 10 - October 31
British artist Billy Childish is back in New York for his fourth exhibition with Lehmann Maupin. The exhibition, flowers, nudes and birch trees: New Paintings 2015, features the mental wanderings of the mustachioed artist, who is also a musician and "confessional poet" bent on painting scenes that evoke childhood and wonder.