Neil Raitt, b. 1986


Neil Raitt’s large-scale oil paintings are hypnotic. The intricate images — something between figuration and abstraction — are repetitive, resulting in kaleidoscope-like patterns that draw the viewer in as if in a trance. Raitt holds a masters in painting from the Royal College of Art and was the winner of the 2014 Catlin Art Prize. His work has been included in several prestigious collections, including the Saatchi Collection, the Franks-Suss Collection and the Goss-Michael Foundation in Dallas where he recently finished a residency and had a solo show. His work was recently exhibited at the Art Los Angeles Contemporary fair by Anat Ebgi Gallery, where he will have a solo show in April.


Gabriele Beveridge, b. 1985


Gabriele Beveridge’s photo-based installations are surprising and delicately constructed. Her most recent show, at Elizabeth Dee Gallery in New York, was named a critic’s pick in Artforum. In 2011, she was shortlisted for the Converse x Dazed Emerging Artists Award, and in 2013 she had her first solo show at Rod Barton in London. She has recently debuted new works at La Salle de Bains in France.


Amalia Ulman, b. 1989


An artist who investigates new and social media, Ulman first gained attention with her social media performance Excellences & Perfections, where Ulman used her social media profiles to stage a five-month scripted performance inspired by extreme makeover culture. Ulman reinvented herself into the “Hot Babe,” a character she believes both media and social media demand of women. Ulman conceived of Excellences and Perfections as a “boycott” of her own online persona. The transformational performance was documented on her Instagram account and the work was also exhibited online at the New Museum.